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Colour Grading Company, Wash, Relocates to New Central London Facility

Following two years of rapid growth, Hackney-born Wash has announced its move to a brand new central London facility as it looks to improve its offering, and diversify into more long form work and visual effects-heavy pipelines. 

51 Sundance Films Used Adobe Premiere Pro As Primary Cutting Tool

Users of Adobe Premiere Pro editing software have suffered under the 'not fit for purpose' accusations fired at the platform for years. Maybe now with news from the Sundance Film Festival that 51 films debuting used Adobe Premiere Pro CC as their primary digital editing software, perhaps those days are over and you can cut away with pride.

Posted on January 21, 2016 and filed under editing.

Star Wars: The Process Awakens

There is no obvious sound of relief in the voices of Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, the editors of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Along with the director, J.J. Abrams, of course, they felt the pressure of the fans’ expectations for this film, but the record breaking box-office and the generally positive reviews must have come as a welcome liberation.

Posted on January 15, 2016 and filed under 3d, adam garstone, editing.

DaVinci Resolve 12 Short Cut Keyboard Launched

We’ve never understood these keyboards. Either you know the shortcuts – in which case you don’t need them written on the keys – or you don’t – in which case hunting for the function on the keyboard is slower than going to the program’s menu. But they do exist and Logickeyboard have announced that the new DaVinci Resolve 12 shortcut keyboard now is available for PC and Mac. 

Posted on November 18, 2015 and filed under editing, Grading.