Axiom OS camera ethos

It does feel as though Open Source for Film Production is gathering some traction with a few larger players making their software 'open' (Netflix for one), but perhaps it still needs the skills to implement this open approach to engage and utilise the availability of these tools to your own personal use.

But it is there.

Below are some images of the Axiom camera in its design and PCB build stage 

And below 

Posted on September 20, 2016 .

Open Source and colour

Welcome back and thank you for taking time to browse. Over the last month or two a lot of work has gone into the processing of raw.snap12 capture from the Axiom OS camera.

Below is an example of the colour journey taken to get from a basic raw data image with no processing, then apply debayer/demosaicing to create a viewable image and then to get from this basic image to RGB and useable images to take into Post.

Below shows a basic raw file as seen through Terminal and processed through raw2dng to get that useable image 

The raw image as seen once captured 

Nothing new but we need to explain how we get from this 4K uncompressed raw imaging file to a useable DNG file and then create a new Log Master and grade from there.

Daniel Mulligan


Posted on September 20, 2016 .

Colour Science, sensors and image processing.

We have now had the Axiom beta model for a couple of months, and during this time we have been programming and working on not only 1080p30 and 1080p60 HD recording but also looking at fully uncompressed 4K image capture.

Recent developments from Panavision and Light Iron has opened an interesting discussion on Colour Science, the art of creating the very best images based on digital imaging science.

The Axiom beta camera does allow us to delve directly into this area of research, by recording the raw sensor data directly (to a new file format) and then to process that information with new software to a useable and gradeable image.

The next set of posts will be based on the image capture capabilities and what we have achieved so far.

Two areas will be covered, basic 1080p30 HD recording via external recorders and HDMI/SDI outputs and full 4K raw sensor data capture (not debayered at capture) and then the processing (debayer/demosaic) those raw snap12 images into useable images.

Axiom 4K sesnors

Axiom 4K sesnors

Posted on July 8, 2016 .

Terminal processing

As the image above shows once I have captured a snap.raw12 file, which is a fully uncompressed raw data file with no image as yet, it is then processed through Terminal via raw2dng, which once the command line is entered and pointed to the correct file, processes the raw12 file out to DNG. At this point I have my working Master to then process and play with, but here I have options on where to go once I have my DNG Master.

Posted on May 31, 2016 .

Designs, Housings and Concept Art


Please find some images for recent new designs and ideas for the camera. This is one area that can be developed by those who wish to try, with 3D printing custom designs can be created. Whether most have the time and inclination is one point, but those that do can really begin to build their own cameras now.

Posted on May 31, 2016 .

Beta camera, 4K and starting from scratch


It made sense to just review why this blog is here and to explain our philosophy towards Open Source and its myriad possibilities.

Naturally a camera of this sort, with a sensor free to be worked on and all settings to be changed and adjusted, isn't for everybody. What is being allowed though is a completely custom and open approach to realising and setting your perfect camera. Yes it will take a little planning and development work, but fundamentally it offers a wonderful opportunity, for those like minded, to really dig into the processing of the data from a digital sensor, play with the settings (voltages for example) and actually consider your own workflows and processing pathways.

As mentioned this clearly isn't for everyone, but for those with the time and inclination will benefit from increased knowledge and this can benefit everyone in the longer term.

It is easier to shoot and use the proprietary system that now exists, from Alexa to GoPro, but this new approach offers, for me, a little bit more control. And yes, given time the possibilities will be endless.

I can see new sensor development being easier to manage in such an open environment, we have now built our own Cine Lab for Research & Innovation for sensor capture and processing, to examine how much more we can capture and process from these sensors and what we can really achieve from the results.

Again I come back to the major fact this is Open Source for Film Production, narrative film making, and to go this route is not such an easy path to take for anyone with all the inherent hard work, coding, understanding required to make everything work, when previously this has all been done for you.

From the sensor though and recording truly uncompressed imaging data from a current 4K sensor we can then look forward to developing not only the processing but also the workloads and colour pipelines.

ACES is Open Source for example, Sony OCIO is OS too and many many more Open Source approaches and resources are developing rapidly, as the future for a lot of Companies revolves around an Open Source approach and ethos.

Yes not all environments and circumstances are Open Source, and it is a fairly broad term to just label to an environment that requires many factors and task to be completed to be perhaps a fully Open Source entire workflow, but it is coming and developing fast and having received the very first OS 4K Camera shipped we are hoping to help encourage and develop this approach further and further.

Many thanks

Daniel Mulligan

Posted on May 31, 2016 .

RAW workflow for snap.12 files

The AXIOM beta is a camera in beta mode so it needs to be hooked up to a laptop and command line inputs will be required to access the setting and get the camera working.

I am using MacBookPro so for me this will be Terminal. By connecting both USB and Ethernet I can communicate to the camera and the sensor and begin some testing.

Posted on May 30, 2016 .

Recording 4K RAW files

Having spent the day deep in SSH and Mac Terminal today it has been a good journey as we have captured some uncompressed 4K files from an Open Sourced sensor.

Recorded as snap.raw12 or snap.raw16 files (12 or 16bit) they require some processing and for this they are being processed out to DNG files.

Posted on May 10, 2016 .

Back a step to evaluate

I thought it would make sense to take a small step back to some of the very early tests done so we can see how the camera has developed and also more importantly how the sensor and colour science has improved as the camera evolves and better settings take hold.

I will be posting early Cinema DNG RAW images and videos, adding some grades/LUTs and taking the colour journey from last year so we can evaluate better how the imaging has improved and also to continue that development.


Posted on May 4, 2016 .