Stretch goals

Now that Apertusº has acheived the main goal for funding it is now seeking to expand to further funding for new 'Stretch' goals, and it appears this is already working :

Stretch Goal 1 Reached! AXIOM Beta Remote Control funded!

To celebrate we created a new concept rendering showing how the more compact AXIOM Beta remote control concept could look like. We are still evaluating options how it can be attached to the Beta body to make it more integrated into the main unit.

The remote control will allow to change all camera parameters like Shutter speed, White Balance, Overlays, Peaking, ISO, color profiles (Linear/LOG), etc. and the REC button could start/stop recording with external recorders that support time-code triggering. Of course all this can also be controlled with a smartphone/tablet/PC but sometimes physical buttons/dials are just more convenient.

Posted on October 7, 2014 .