November 2014 updates

We are seeing a lot more camera releases this year and the ones that have made me take notice are the new Alexa 65 6.5K large sensor camera system, which does remind me of the Dalsa 4K 3CCD uncompressed camera from 2003 onwards. It is recording a large amount of data and is at this stage being released as a specialist system for perhaps shoots that require large VFX plates and wider plate and establishing shots. It records 24-27fps so will fit into that 24p workflow.

Added to this is the release of two large sensor lens formats. The Panavision 70mm Primo and the Arri Hassleblad 65mm Prime and Zoom lenses.

Add to this the 6K Dragon (which I am sure will be superceded soon) and probable Sony 8K sensor cameras we have it appears a large medium format size sensor future to look forward to.

Daniel Mulligan

Panavision 70mm Primo Lenses :

The Primo 70mm lenses have already worked on some projects, quotes below from Panavison's website :

“The 70mm Primos are beautiful – just amazing,” says Peter Menzies Jr., ACS about his experience using them on a feature film. “I have never seen lenses that hold their sharpness and contrast across the entire frame. … They are also light, fast and the lens sizes in the kit are perfect. The two zooms we used are excellent -- incredibly close to the primes.”

“The Panavision 70mm lenses have a grand look,” notes Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS who relied on the Primo 70s for a commercial shoot. “Their visual language is significantly different than 35mm. The focus falls off quickly and beautifully. As a cinematographer, this allows me to tell a different story. … For decades, Panavision has given filmmakers exciting new tools that can open up our imagination. These lenses promise really outstanding new possibilities.”

Arri 65mm LDS XPL mount large sensor lenses :

A complete system

Launched as an integral part of the ALEXA 65 system is a range of high-performance 65 mm prime and zoom lenses that do justice to the exceptional levels of detail capable of being captured by the camera. The 50-110 mm Zoom 65 and the eight Prime 65 lenses, ranging from 24 mm to 300 mm, utilize state-of-the-art optics from Hasselblad, housed in classically robust and uniform lens barrels co-developed with IB/E Optics.


LDS XPL mount

The Prime 65 and Zoom 65 lenses feature an XPL mount equipped with the ARRI Lens Data System (LDS), allowing frame-accurate metadata about focus, iris and zoom settings to be recorded with the image stream. This data can be used on set for wireless remote lens control, but it can also be used to help match a virtual lens with the recorded image in postproduction, reducing the time and cost involved in generating complex visual effects shots.

Posted on November 17, 2014 .