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Open Modules for an Open Platform - From Apertus site

The concept/idea of the Axiom is to create much more than perhaps just a generic camera “product”. It is an open camera platform - ready to evolve through options that we haven’t seen as yet. Many people are cautious of buying into a camera system due to the rapid pace at which new “products” are being announced, with state-of-the-art systems now outdated within months of their release cycle. We want to stress that Axiom will not be outdated anytime soon - it will be built from the ground up as a system that will evolve over time - as we rely on FPGA based designs rather than fixed “set-in-stone systems”. We and the entire community will be able to deliver new interfaces, codecs, firmware and significant degrees of newer functionalities all via a simple software download to the camera. It is our intention to use this to create a very powerful ecosystem around Axiom, providing long term support alongside the development of new features.

Posted on June 2, 2014 .