Axiom timeline 2014-2015

AXIOM Overview

Comparison Chart:

Development completed after successful crowdfunding in progress
Goal extended proof of concept prototype developer / early adopter kit full featured camera
Image Sensor CMV12000 several options several options
Video Resolution Full HD (downscaled from 4K) Full HD/4K (experimental) 4K
Output HDMI HDMI Multiple (HMDI, SDI, ...)
Supported Video Format RGB RGB (experimental RAW) uncompressed RAW
Lens Mount Nikon F-Mount passive: Nikon F-Mount, Canon EF, MFT Interchangeable Mount System
Frame Rate up to 60 up to 60 up to 300 (4K)
Price not being sold ~1,200€ material-price only (for crowd funding backers) well under 10K$
Posted on August 18, 2014 .