Apertusº Axiom 4K

As we have seen from IBC and now Cinec, 4K adoption for Broadcast is taking a huge leap, along with the downturn for Broadcast of 3D (Sky is now reducing its 3D Premiership Football output). For Features 4K has been around for a longer period and it will be interesting to see where this all leads us. 4K pipes at up to 1GB/s for the home can deliver compressed 4K content, F1 completed its first 4K test in private using a 550mb/s pipe.

I mention this as the Axiom is designed to be a system, due to its Open Spource approach, that in theory should allow the continual development of its camera to meet current demands. a 5K sensor is being discussed.

But is 4K already enough. Can we see any differences? Should we be thinking of more dynamic range, higher contrast approaches such as Dolby HDR, Dolby Vision processing.

Time will tell but by allowing a more open approach to how you decide to manipulate your RAW Masters then it could, in time, be proven to be an exciting way to develop your content.

Dan Mulligan


Posted on September 23, 2014 .