Axiom and Alexa 65

Being added to this databank blog is the newly announced Alexa 65, a 65mm digital camera.

This is being added as we have two camera solutions coming from apposing ends of the release spectrum with differing approaches to their target audience. It will be interesting to observe how they both develop and how far they penetrate that desired audience.

The Open Source Axiom from Apertusº : Free open enviroment to offer up solutions to those who wish to not only use open workflows but to help develop and assist in its development

Arri Alexa 65 : Top of the range, high end, 65mm large sensor Cinema Camera system. Extremely capable large sensor Cinematography currently only available as a rentel from Arri (as was the D20 and D21) with specialist lenses and custom workflow support in place.

I personally love both systems, and have invested in the Axiom already, the Alexa 65 looks to provide the absolute pinnacle of digital cinematography, seeing both being available to us all is certainly exciting and look forward to seeing both penetrate the markets they were destined for and evaluate, in time, their successes, which I am sure both will attain.

Dan Mulligan

Posted on September 23, 2014 .