New Axiom update on youtube : Team Talk

AXIOM Team Talk Volume 1 is out: gives insight in development progress & plans, EU Grant, NAB 2015 and FAQs, and more.

In this first big update video after successful crowd funding we give an overview about the current development status of the AXIOM Beta open source camera and further plans as well as answering some of the most pressing user questions we received. Please note that we received more questions than we could answer within reasonable broadcast time so we added all the ones we could not answer on video to the official FAQ


01:21 - Development Purchases
03:37 - All Crowdfunding Perks Shipped
04:11 - AXIOM Beta Status Report
07:03 - AXIOM Beta: Next Steps
07:53 - Stretch Goals Development
08:28 - EU Grant Plans
10:24 - NAB 2015

User Questions:

11:24 - Introduction
11:43 - Is there an AXIOM Beta price estimation update?
12:20 - What is the expected AXIOM Beta and Gamma retail date?
13:56 - Can AXIOM Beta voucher holders still chance their image sensor choice?
14:49 - Where can the user see boot process status information?
16:16 - How is the AXIOM Beta turned on and off?
17:10 - Does AXIOM plan to include liquid cooling?
18:42 - What if there is a newer better image sensor?
20:36 - Will there be a shoemount on top of the AXIOM Beta?
21:27 - apertus° lab introduction tour video
22:49 - Will the AXIOM Beta voucher be valid with the Gamma as well?
24:44 - Will the AXIOM Beta be compatible with any 3rd party external 4K recorders?
26:03 - How will the Magic Lantern team participate in the development?


Max Gurresch, Sebastian Pichelhofer, Malte Fiala


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Posted on January 27, 2015 .