Open Source and Ethical Film Production?

As part of the growth for 2015 Open Source Cinema UK will also be embracing any new approaches to Film Production that include the adoption of more ethical solutions.

 Examples such as Fairphone, where new technology is sourced, as best it can, from more ethically minded areas and support. This can drip down into Film Production for energy and power (electric vehicles, location generators) with battery power and newly developed Hydrogen Power options (already being used on some BBC wildlife Productions to power cameras left in place for days at a time, they are more efficient).

 Aligning an ethical approach to Film Making alongside new and developing Open Source Hardware and Software there is a growing requirement to offer these services for the future of Film Production.

 Yes it is early days but this will all grow and perhaps, in a few years, will become something a lot more common than we can see today.


Daniel Mulligan

January 27th 2015

Posted on January 27, 2015 .