AXIOM 4K - Open Source Part 2

The Axiom 4K camera from Apertusº is the first camera to hit the market that is supporting its main ethos as being Open Source. By following Open Source ideology it is opening both the hardware and the software to others to help continue the development and grow an eco-system that has the support and input from the wider Open Source and Film Making communities.

Allowing both the hardware (Axiom camera) and software (Open Cine) to be open and freely available to update from the source code for the Open Cine software, source code for the operating system to run the Axiom and the PCB stack and then finally the sensor from CMOSIS , to create new and hopefully better versions of what currently exists, then the level of creativity that will be allowed gives the user the ultimate ability to fine tune the system to create the ultimate workflow and to squeeze the maximum amount of performance from the camera and the sensor.

Daniel Mulligan

Posted on June 16, 2015 .