Apertusº Axiom links and new stories

New web links and stories for Apertusº Axiom

As the new beta version of the Axiom camera starts to shoot and become a more complete camera system Open Source Cinema UK though that for those new to the camera it was a good time to put all the current links to the websites and to new articles :

Main sites :

Apertusº main web site :  www.apertus.org

Apertusº Twitter feed : https://twitter.com/ApertusOSCinema  @ApertusOSCinema

Apertusº Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ApertusOSC

New stories recently uploaded to the web :

NAB Show 2015 review :  https://apertus.org/nab-show-report-article-april-2015

New CDNG image recorded in 4K : https://apertus.org/axiom-beta-hello-world-article-may-2015


Posted on June 5, 2015 .