AXIOM delivery first one shipped

Going back a week to the delivery. We had a beta shipped for a show in Edinburgh last week so we needed up having the very first shipped beta version of the AXIOM. This meant we could test the camera build, look at the sensor, see how it all works and help with further R&D, a true beta in that sense.

All parts were pre-paid for at cost, so we have a 4K camera and the ability to fine tune it to our own custom brew, but first we needed to see it all working.

AXIOM beta as shipped

AXIOM beta as shipped

Below is an unpacking video as H.264 from our new YouTube channel set up for the beta and future video uploads.

Once the camera arrived and we had the system ready it was time to start logging into the camera OS and start getting images from the CMV12000 CMOSIS 4K sensor.

Daniel Mulligan

Posted on April 27, 2016 .