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The best television shows are getting better. If you’re yet to see Netflix’s The Crown you’re in for a visual treat and we’ve got the inside production track. In this issue we also have VFX stories from new movies, Assassin’s Creed and Fantastic Beasts; more disruption from drones with a film shot solely with them but hardly any aerial shots; plus the latest from the UAV, lighting and audio worlds. More details below.

Sovereign state

When we heard that Netflix had spent £100 million on the production of The Crown we wondered where they had spent the money. But once we started watching it and hearing from the crew we realised that the money is all on the screen. We get the inside track.

Disruptive drones

Claudio Miranda is an Oscar-winning DOP and when he got involved with a specially arranged shoot with just DJI’s newest drone and camera, we got interested. The Circle short may well be remembered as the time that drones heralded a change in the way cameras move from exterior to interior and beyond.

New year, new camera

Camera manufacturers have been teasing us with news of their latest yet unreleased products. If you’re in the market for a new camera or just want to see what is new, read our guide which will help you choose which way to go. As well as picking out the best spec, we’re also giving you our considered opinion.

Doctor Drone

Ben Kenobi has an unusual name and an unusual route to his drone operator success story. Starting out as an NHS radiographer, he’s now flying and operating his high-end drones for multiple broadcasters in far-flung places. We fill in the gaps of the story and reveal Ben’s unfulfilled ambition of working on a Star Wars film.

Review: Kino Flo Diva Lite LED

The famous Diva Lite has lit many a true diva but is mostly known as a trusted and even soft white light source. Kino Flo has now added a colour mode to the light but that is underselling it as this colour mode potentially does away with all your gels and filters. Ultimately it will offer two million light options.

Review: RED EPIC-W 8K

There aren’t many cameras that offer 8K resolution, and those that exist are in the pure broadcast field but RED is first for the cinematic sector. We took this new camera to multiple locations to shoot a mini film testing all its functionality. Our findings put 8K in its place for 2017 and our conclusions might surprise you.


Posted on January 6, 2017 and filed under 4k, digital edition.