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Adobe's growth is good for all creative businesses

Adobe is one of the company success stories of the creative space. Just six years ago, long before Creative Cloud floated along, they traded on the NASDAQ at under $18, today they are just under $80 with a market capitalisation of $39.47bn. That worth should rise today on the announcement of the new Creative Cloud for 2015. 

Posted on June 16, 2015 and filed under cloud, consumer.

ZOO Digital provides new iTunes Store Package delivery services for Compressor users.

The Charles Lloyd documentary Arrows Into Infinity. Pictured is part of the iTunes Store Package authoring within the new version of Compressor. Fresh from Apple's announcement of an embedded iTunes Store Package within the new version of Compressor (4.2) comes the first offering from the delivery partners who will help producers get their film to the final stage, these services aren't just encoding houses but ease the way with QC and other services to the iTunes store.
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LiveU launches a cloud-based news footage community

The new cloud service from LiveU can potentially match any broadcaster with any news journalist anywhere in the world.LiveU has launched the LiveU Community platform (, a cloud-based network connecting freelancers, production houses and other service providers with hundreds of broadcasters around the world. Using its own management technology, LiveU has created an online news exchange platform, making it potentially cheaper for LiveU customers to offer or request newsgathering services for breaking news and events anywhere, at any time. 
Posted on November 6, 2014 and filed under broadcast, cameras, cloud.

The Mill's Super Review System

Aframe allows you to organise media without actually editing it, but do others systems do the same?Cloud video post production company Aframe has helped another television production with their workflow. However the system seems no more than a ‘super review’ system as daily edits of Channel 4’s The Mill were uploaded to their servers and reviewed, logged, annotated and downloaded the production’s DoP, the Darlow Smith production team and Channel 4 executives. Other review systems are doing similar things.
Posted on July 22, 2014 and filed under cloud.