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ZOO Digital provides new iTunes Store Package delivery services for Compressor users.

The Charles Lloyd documentary Arrows Into Infinity. Pictured is part of the iTunes Store Package authoring within the new version of Compressor. Fresh from Apple's announcement of an embedded iTunes Store Package within the new version of Compressor (4.2) comes the first offering from the delivery partners who will help producers get their film to the final stage, these services aren't just encoding houses but ease the way with QC and other services to the iTunes store.
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Arri Releases 9th Software Upgrade For Their Alexa Cameras

ALEXA XT now with Arri's 9th software update.Arri are gifting even more features to their ALEXA camera range with the release of 'SUP 9.0' Software Update Packet 9.0 for ARRI ALEXA XT cameras and ALEXA Classic cameras. One of the headline features is with the XR Module Upgrade, DNxHD becomes available in 444 colour space for cameras with a DNxHD license. 
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CineDeck's Recorder Journey From Movie Sets To Broadcast Mobiles

Cinedeck continue to re-invent themselves and are currently replacing VTRs in mobiles.Cinedeck were one of the first companies to offer hard drive video recorders but with a monitor to the film industry. In its realm this was revolutionary, unfortunately so revolutionary that imitators were many as were price reductions. Cinedeck has since surrendered the market to others and had a certain reinvention as a result. 
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How To Save £1000s Converting Concert Footage

Alice Cooper's Theatre of Death Tour needed to convert HDCAM footage in a hurryNyquest Ltd., a company specialising in producing concert footage, recently used a AJA Ki Pro tapeless recording device as an cost-effective solution for converting 20 hours of HDCAM footage into the Apple ProRes format to enable immediate editing in Final Cut Pro. Nyquest discovered the Ki Pro after directing a 10-camera shoot of Alice Cooper live during his Theatre of Death tour date at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.
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S.TWO's 3D Recording Solution

S.TWO announce their uncompressed 3D recording solutionS.TWO has announced their 3D capture and workflow support with the latest version of their OB-1 on-board recorder for digital cinematography.  The new release has full 3D recording capability for 2 x digital cinematography cameras at 444 or ARRIRAW T-Link 3K. 

The new system uses 'quad link' HD-SDI for two streams of uncompressed 444 recording and playback, combined with on-board monitoring, external timecode and remote start/stop capabilities. 

Also announced is full portable 3D workflow with the latest version of S.two’s FlashDock transfer station.  Featuring automated real time editorial dailies, databased redundant archive to optional built-in LTO drives, RS422 controlled dual link HD-SDI output, and lay-off to e-SATA hard drives. 

“With the growing popularity of 3D productions, we have introduced quad link support for dual 444 cameras as a free upgrade for all OB-1 users,” states Steve Roach, Vice President of S.two. “Quad link also turns on 444 to 60P and vari-frame recording for ARRI D-21 cameras as well as 50FPS ARRIRAW, and positions OB-1 for full Alexa support."

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