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REVIEW: HP Z820 Workstation

The HP z820 with a couple of their new monitors.You hear a lot at the moment about productions being ‘4k end-to-end’ – though that generally means that they are shot in 4k and the final conform is 4k, but the bit in the middle is usually 1920x1080. However, with the launch of the new Mac Pro – touted on its 4k abilities – we wondered if it is feasible for post-production to be truly 4k end-to-end.
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Devils And Demons Want Super Computers For All (Or What Ted From Red did next)

The Demon DMPa, running dual 3.2 GHz AMD processors, and 16 cores, is better suited to software that needs a high core count, such as After Effects, Maya, and 3D Studio Max.

Devils & Demons are a family of pre-configured systems, powered with Micron components and AMD processing. They are available in several ‘flavours’ that maximise software performance through custom-configurations of processor speeds, core counts and CPU/GPUs. The Devil & Demon Strategy has launched at a time when the motion picture and TV industries have become computer-centric, requiring more visual computing power and greater rendering speed than ever before.

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REVIEW: HP ZBook 17inch

The 17” is a bit of a beast at 3.5kg but it’s man enough for the job with a possible three SSD drive bay and a NVIDIA Quadro KM5100 GPU inside. Good enough for real time 4K debayering!HP have unveiled their new workstations and laptops all with the ‘Z’ brand intact. The company has included the entertainment industry in their list of high priority markets. ADAM GARSTONE introduces his lap to the large and streamlined new 17in ZBook.
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Choosing Between The Odd Couple

Style-wise, light years apart, the HP Z820 is 17.5 inches high with the new Apple Mac Pro only 9.9 inches high and not fitting our traditional image of a desktop computer at all. But is it style over substance?

HP is approaching the professional video market with enhanced products across their entire line. Apple is approaching it with one product that looks like it has just landed from the future. Which one is more likely to succeed?

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