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Film Production Hangs On With Package Production Deal for Indies

When DP Charlotte Bruus Christensen and her Director Thomas Vinterburg insisted on using 35mm film for their film Far From The Madding Crowd, they were told only a couple of weeks before shooting that they could and there were only two UK labs available to process the film and

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The Golden Hour

Even though most people know the outcome of the story in The Imitation Game, William had to keep his audience on the edge of their seats.Oscar winning and Oscar nominee William Goldenberg has his pick of movies to edit including recently The Imitation Game. He talks about his methodology.

What drew you to the film?

 “Initially it was the screenplay, I read a lot of scripts and that one leaped out.

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Restoration File: The Persuaders!

Classic seventies buddy TV series is restored back to it’s gritty best and they found some rare footage too that made the extrasBBC Studios and Post Production’s Digital Media Services team has digitally restored the complete series of the 1970s hit show, The Persuaders! for home entertainment label Network. Starring two great actors of the era, Roger Moore and the late Tony Curtis, the classic ITV series was given an HD digital makeover to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a Blu-ray box-set release. 
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