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4k Slow Motion Camera Usually Helps Airflow patterns

IDT comes from the aero research world.With trade shows like NAB and IBC you can find some real benefit from skirting around the edges of the trade floors. Here are the companies that have a concept or even a prototype but no budget for marketing or PR and hardly one for a booth. You also find the companies that have identified broadcast as a new market for them while they are happy and successful in their own.
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New Super Slow Motion Camera with 50/60p output

The same 350fps as below but with recording and live output controls.There have been a number of cameras which have promised a normal running model with synch sound but with the feature of slow motion when you need it. Most new cameras can offer that now up to a point but you have to look at the more specialist market to get higher than 200 fps that cameras like the Arri Amira have.
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Arri Releases 9th Software Upgrade For Their Alexa Cameras

ALEXA XT now with Arri's 9th software update.Arri are gifting even more features to their ALEXA camera range with the release of 'SUP 9.0' Software Update Packet 9.0 for ARRI ALEXA XT cameras and ALEXA Classic cameras. One of the headline features is with the XR Module Upgrade, DNxHD becomes available in 444 colour space for cameras with a DNxHD license. 
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REVIEW: Prime-Cache6 Archiver

Cache-A’s new range of LTO-6 based backup drives include RAID hard discs to simplify and speed up tape-based archiving.As it turns out good old tape is still as popular a medium as it ever was for archiving video and audio. ADAM GARSTONE identifies the digital cinematography era as one that needs reliable and value for money solutions for the legion of data that bombards post house everyday and looks at Cache-A’s Prime-Cache6 standalone unit.
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NAB 2013: Vision Research's FLEX 4k High Speed And Slow Motion Camera

Vision Research's Flex 4K, launched yesterday.With all the attention being lavished on the Blackmagic announcements yesterday you would be forgiven for missing another 4k landmark, this time from slow motion experts Vision Research. They claim to re-define what’s possible when it comes to high-speed imaging and with the new Phantom Flex4K they maybe right. What strikes you immediately is how small the form factor is, 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5in. It's only 12Ibs (5.5Kg). But it's what under the hood which is truly different.
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