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NAB 2013: Latest Arri’s Pro Camera Accessories

Arri's New Pro Camera Accessories shown at NAB 2013 include a base plate for Canon's 1DC & 1DX.ARRI showed a base plate solution for the Canon 1DC and 1DX DSLR cameras, which have deep bases and cannot be made compatible with the classic Mini Base Plate MBP-3. The plate for 1DC and 1DX is compatible with the ARRI Cage System II and makes use of features on the base of the Canon cameras to prevent body rotation.
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NAB 2013: Panasonic Upgrade One Of The World’s Most Popular Cameras With High Frames Rates And High End Codecs

One of the longest running camera series - VariCam now in its third guise.Panasonic showed the latest version of their legendary VariCam camcorder at NAB. But also the company’s first 4K product, a new 31in LCD production monitor with native 4K resolution for 4K/2K/HD cinema production. The recently announced AJ-PX5000G and AJ-PD500, the company’s first P2 HD camcorder and recorder with native AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots, are also being shown for the first time at NAB.
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NAB Digital Dailies On Line

There will be four days worth of digital dailies from the NAB 2013.Our coverage of this year's NAB 2013 covers three different publishing technologies. Downloadable PDF based App for Tablet and Desktop computers, an eMag online magazine and a new digital magazine based on the Flipboard platform.

• Downloadable PDF-based App.

• Online eMag.

• Flipboard Magazine (iOS and Android Free App needed).

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NAB 2013: Quantel Show 3rd Party Video Card Interoperability For The First Time

The AJA Corvid card.Quantel has announced that its Pablo Rio high-end colour and finishing system supports the AJA Corvid Ultra video card, facilitating workflows at 4K 60fps and beyond. This is the first time that Quantel has offered interoperability with any third party video card - reflecting the open, software-based strategy that enables Quantel to take full advantage of all the latest advances in off-the-shelf computer technology.
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NAB 2013: JVC Upgrade Their News Camera With Double Encoders For Simultaneous Transmit And Record

Version 2.0 of the JVC GY-HM650 news camera.JVC has given their HM650 a software-like upgrade to 2.0. This powerful upgrade adds live HD transmission to the mobile news camera. When equipped with a Verizon 4G LTE modem, which connects directly to the camera via USB (see pic), the camera can transmit footage to a broadcast facility in real time – no add-on boxes or backpacks required – while simultaneously recording a full HD file to solid-state memory cards.
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NAB 2013: Codex Define Their Workflow Credentials With GoPro And Canon 1D-C Added To Their Support

Codex's S Vault.Even though Codex has provided the recording side of the new Alexa XTs, it is still primarily a workflow company. At the show they are showing a simple, streamlined workflow for RED, Sony and the ever popular GoPro cameras, in addition to its well-established workflows for ARRI and Canon, at NAB 2013. 
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NAB 2013: JVC Broadcast Monitor Or Viewfinder DT-F9L5U

JVC has also been great a smallish monitors and viewfinders. Well made and good value.Another JVC launch at the show is the new DT-F9L5U 8.2-inch Verité broadcast studio monitor/viewfinder. With an Anton/Bauer Gold Mount battery plate and tripod mount hardware, the compact HD field monitor is designed for location shoots, but it also includes focus assist and zebra functions, as well as front and rear tally lamps, for viewfinder applications.
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NAB 2013: JVC 4K Monitor With 60p Performance

JVC's latest 4K monitor.JVC Professional are showing their latest 4k monitor at the show, the PS-840UD Professional Series ProVérité. A 4K 84-inch LCD monitor with a native screen resolution of 3840x2160 – four times the resolution of full HD – and 60p display capability, it is one of the world’s largest professional-grade 4K monitors.
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