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CineDeck's Recorder Journey From Movie Sets To Broadcast Mobiles

Cinedeck continue to re-invent themselves and are currently replacing VTRs in mobiles.Cinedeck were one of the first companies to offer hard drive video recorders but with a monitor to the film industry. In its realm this was revolutionary, unfortunately so revolutionary that imitators were many as were price reductions. Cinedeck has since surrendered the market to others and had a certain reinvention as a result. 
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Convergent Ship Their Long Awaited Odyssey 7Q Recorder

Convergent Design are now shipping their Odyssey 7Q OLED monitor and recorder.Convergent Design, maker of the nanoFlash and Gemini 4:4:4 onboard recorders, last week shipped the first production units of their new flagship product, the Odyssey7Q, a 7.7” OLED monitor and video recorder.  The Odyssey7Q is price at just $2295.
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Is The Mac Coming Back?

If you’ve had enough of waiting for a MAC PRO delivery there are now very good alternatives

How long will you wait for your new MAC PRO workstation? Apple are obviously in no hurry to  update their pro product and have already missed the latest round of Intel chips, the E5 Xeon Series. All this non activity poses the question – Are Apple moving away from the pro?

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