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NAB 2013: Vision Research's FLEX 4k High Speed And Slow Motion Camera

Vision Research's Flex 4K, launched yesterday.With all the attention being lavished on the Blackmagic announcements yesterday you would be forgiven for missing another 4k landmark, this time from slow motion experts Vision Research. They claim to re-define what’s possible when it comes to high-speed imaging and with the new Phantom Flex4K they maybe right. What strikes you immediately is how small the form factor is, 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5in. It's only 12Ibs (5.5Kg). But it's what under the hood which is truly different.
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FOR-A To Introduce FT-ONE 4K Super Slow Motion Camera

The FT-One 4K super slo mo camera with upto 1,000fps on offerFOR-A, the manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, will debut their FT-ONE full 4K high resolution variable frame rate camera — a full 4K super slow motion camera — at Cine Gear Expo, which runs from June 1-2 at The Studios @ Paramount in Hollywood.  
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FOR-A Show Lightweight High Speed Camera

Broadcast equipment manufacturer FOR-A, not known for making cameras, showed the VFC-7000 HD Variable Frame Rate (Super Slow Motion) Camera at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas. It offers high-speed play out and recording in full frame HD (1280x720) at up to 700 fps, and allows for the recording speed to be varied from 125 fps to 700 fps.

It comes complete with camera head, main body, an F lens mount, and recording component in one integrated package. With its high-sensitivity CMOS colour sensor, it features an electronic high-speed shutter that can operate as fast as 1/200,000 second for filming fast moving events and subjects without blur.

The unit also includes internal storage memory for 2.3 seconds of HD recording (full frame), which is expandable to about nine seconds with optional maximum memory installed. The Ethernet interface offers high-speed transfer of footage to an external storage or production system. The VFC-7000 is equipped with two channels of HD-SDI output, which also allows the user of the camera to provide a live video output while at the same time outputting recorded video stored in the camera in parallel.

The VFC-7000 will be available in August 2010.

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'Hurt Locker' Slomo Guys Show New 'Diablo' Camera

IDT's new Diablo High Speed camera Pic © Inspirational StudiosWe missed this camera and thank Inspiration Studios for blogging about it. The HDiablo was apparently near the Vision Research booth at the NAB 2010 show - smart move. Inspirational Studios blogged this about it: "This is a PL mount, 20mm diagonal 2K sensor capable of 750fps at full frame and 1000fps at 1920x1080. Sensitivity is claimed as ASA 800. The camera has 16GB internal storage, which equates to eight seconds real time at 1000fps. Full PC app controls the camera via Ethernet; can spit out image sequences or AVI files. There's also limited iPhone control available as an option (there's a bolt-on WiFi module). Lens mounts available: C/EF/F/PL. Price: US$60k - a bargain for this kind of camera."

The HDMI output is live and they're claiming a 30-bit colour performance. Oh and these were the guys who produced the camera that provided those great slomo shots from The Hurt Locker - best bits of the movie!

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