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BaseLight For Apple Final Cut Pro

BASELIGHT FOR FINAL CUT PRO - LESS THAN $1,000!At NAB 2011, FilmLight was previewing a new Baselight colour grading plug-in for Apple Final Cut Pro. The plug-in is aimed primarily at smaller editorial and post-production facilities, and indie filmmakers, providing them with sophisticated colour grading functionality from one of the industry’s leading systems.
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SCRATCH Price Drops Dramatically To Reflect New Economy

SCRATCH 6 - New multiple shapes per scaffoldDo you remember when the RED camera was first launched and nobody knew what to do with the .r3d files emanating from it? Nobody except Apple with Final Cut Pro and of course Assimilate with their Scratch product. Well now Scratch evolves in to two products, there is Scratch 6 and a new product called ScratchLab.
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Why Arri Are Delivering a Film-Like Camera Family

Arri's new Studo camera completing the original ALEXA trilogy roll outAt NAB 2011 Arri completed the programme of three ALEXA cameras, the brave proposal that they announced back in 2009. That was the original ALEXA followed by the ALEXA Plus and now ALEXA Studio. ALEXA Plus was announced at last year’s IBC in Amsterdam. The Plus is a ‘back to Arri dealership’ mod to the ALEXA and Arri have reported that 70% of Alexa owners have chosen to upgrade.
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Quantel's QTube - Loving The Cloud

Now in your best deep brown voice, ‘Imagine a world and wherever you might be in that world you could edit footage that was kept somewhere else in that world. You could add to that footage and other people could add to it too, you could add video, voice over, edit transitions and metadata. You could do all that accurate to a single frame of video and one audio sample. In fact you could complete a programme and send it to a broadcast server ready to be aired.’ 
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