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Sony Aim At Broadcast Favourites With Bigger Sensors

The new Sony PMW200 camcorder beats the opposition on sensor size but on the rest of the feature set it's a close callWith their new PMW-200 camcorder and it’s new half inch Exmor CMOS sensors Sony are butting right up against Panasonic’s HPX250 and Canon’s XF-305 third inch camcorder offerings.
Posted on July 26, 2012 and filed under broadcast, cameras, news, sensor.

Weisscam's T-Cam Extends Its Own Life With 'Swap-out' Approach

Weisscam also came to NAB with a camera bundle which they called ‘Sweet 16’. The deal pairs the T-Cam with ARRI‘s Ultra 16 lenses.Based on the SOHA platform WEISSCAM showed the very first samples of its interchangeable 4K sensorboard at NAB 2012. The possibility to switch to a 4K Super35 sized sensor without buying a new camera is one of the main features of the modular concept of T-CAM.
Posted on May 17, 2012 and filed under cameras, sensor.

RED Dragon Fires The 6k Revolution

Dragon is a 6k sensor with a claimed 15 stops of latitudeWhile RED Digital Cinema didn’t have a new camera at NAB 2012 they did have plenty to talk about with different camera packages and support gear. But more interestingly they had some some tech concepts to shout about, yunno just like your normal camera supplier.
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Blackmagic Design Re-invents Small Factor Cameras

Blackmagic Design's new Digital Cinema CameraPerhaps we have got used to Blackmagic Design’s revolutionary approach to engineering and marketing. Great and useful products at very affordable prices.

Then they started buying other companies and almost immediately making those new products as affordable. See Da Vinci for a prime example.

Posted on April 12, 2012 and filed under cameras, cinematography, dslr, sensor.