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Between Gods And Men

On set with actor Oscar Isaac (Nathan), Director Alex Garland and DoP Rob Hardy with Sony’s f65 camera.Screen writer Alex Garland has now become a Director and he brings us a suitably twisted branch of the three pronged 'love' story. Ex-Machina couldn’t be anything else but a digital movie being shot and finished in 4K.

Watch the trailer to Ex-Machina and you get a far too tasty glimpse in to the world of a future Internet billionaire. 

The Golden Hour

Even though most people know the outcome of the story in The Imitation Game, William had to keep his audience on the edge of their seats.Oscar winning and Oscar nominee William Goldenberg has his pick of movies to edit including recently The Imitation Game. He talks about his methodology.

What drew you to the film?

 “Initially it was the screenplay, I read a lot of scripts and that one leaped out.

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Cutting Through The Hustle

Director David O. Russell with actors Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams.Editor Jay Cassidy is a long time film editor and with Director David O. Russell he was on familiar ground with a 2-perf 35mm movie American Hustle. He talks us through the experience of working with one of the most popular Directors working today.
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Game Player - How To Survive Editing A Season Of 'Game Of Thrones'

Tyrion Lannister - played by Peter Dinklage - is the nearest thing the series has to a hero, albeit a very badly behaved one.Never has a television series been so unpredictable or dismissive in its dealings with main characters and so dense in its storylines. One of the show’s editors Oral Ottey describes a typical season’s work in this trans-global fantasy horror series that has gripped its audience.
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