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Blue For You: Tomorrowland

Director Brad Bird wanted that IMAX experience, that huge ‘negative’ experience, they ended up with the Sony f65. Claudio Miranda went to great lengths to lessen the bluescreen use in Tomorrowland after persuading Director Brad Bird to turn a 65mm film into digital 4K.

Director of Photography Claudio Miranda isn’t sure why he gets chosen to shoot ‘Sci-fi’ movies with lots of VFX and blue screen work but it isn’t holding him back – an Oscar for blue screen heavy Life of Pi is a testament to that.

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Pinewood to Double Capacity following £135 Million Funding Boost

Development of this first phase is shortly due to commence after the company secured a new £135m funding package from a banking syndicate led by Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.
Europe’s leading film studio provider, Pinewood Group plc, is planning to increase the overall studio production space at Pinewood Studios by approximately 50 per cent as a result of Phase one of the multiphase Pinewood Studios Development Framework (PSDF). Phase one will comprise five new large stages, ten workshops, two production office buildings and associated infrastructure and landscaping. 
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Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Mr. Turner and Unbroken Vie for Top Honours for ASC Award

A still from Unbroken shot by Roger Deakins on the Arri ALEXA and cut by William Goldenberg. He commented: ‘My preference is film but this movie is gorgeous’.

Five directors of photography will vie for the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Award in the theatrical motion picture category at the organisation’s 29th Outstanding Achievement Awards ceremony. The nominees are:

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Record And Store For 'Need For Speed'

From Codex on-set recorders to TerraBlock shared storage enabled a complete rough cut of the movie by the time it had wrapped.DoP of for Need For Speed Shane Hurlbut knew he was on a high technical mission when the director eschewed heavy VFX for on-set realism. Some sophisticated record and storage tech came to his rescue.
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HD Magazine Starts Reviewing Movies

Our first review is of Marvel's Avengers Assemble from movie editor Adam GarstoneHD Magazine doing movie reviews? Surely some mistake? Well no because we're doing with our work hats on - well not us particularly but guest reviewers from the industry. Editors, colourists, producers, DoPs - we want you to go see a film and then talk about it for this site.

If you want to take part please Email

Our first review is from movie editor Adam Garstone, go here to agree or differ

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