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Get Your Cash Ready! RED Owner Announces New Deposit Programme For Mystery New Product

RED Camera founder has been teasing Social Media recently by dropping heavy hints about a new product, one that is 'something for everyone'.  Was he talking about the general public or is this confined to the film community? Most of his patents are eyewear and optics related, so a new compact laser projector perhaps?

Posted on May 4, 2016 and filed under news.

Redrock Micro Solves Focus Control with New Hālo system

The handheld Halo unit identifies objects or people as orange dots. You can then manually focus within an area or use auto focus while the subject moves about.

Redrock Micro announced Hālo at NAB 2015, a system for video production that the company very bravely claims to ‘Solve the challenge of accurate focus control’.

Posted on April 18, 2015 and filed under accessories, news.

Technicolor Offers HDR Grading Services and Software Licensing

Technicolor has announced that they are to start HDR grading at their LA facility and have a tone-mapping plug-in for grading gear.

Technicolor's services to content creators has  now been extended to add HDR (High Dynamic Range) mastering for movies, TV shows and commercials. Technicolor are, to a point, playing catch-up with HDR as Dolby has already signed grading gear manufacturers up with their mastering plug-ins and has already announced tie-ins with TV makers like Vizio for their VIZIO Reference Series 65” and 120” Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TVs. A recent Dolby announcement also mentions an initial slate of Warner Bros. 4K Ultra HD Dolby Vision titles confirmed for distribution via VUDU and Walmart’s video.

Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under 4k, HDR, broadcast, news, post.

Pinewood to Double Capacity following £135 Million Funding Boost

Development of this first phase is shortly due to commence after the company secured a new £135m funding package from a banking syndicate led by Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.
Europe’s leading film studio provider, Pinewood Group plc, is planning to increase the overall studio production space at Pinewood Studios by approximately 50 per cent as a result of Phase one of the multiphase Pinewood Studios Development Framework (PSDF). Phase one will comprise five new large stages, ten workshops, two production office buildings and associated infrastructure and landscaping. 
Posted on March 31, 2015 and filed under news, movies.