An Interview With Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey

Twice nominated for an Academy Award, Seamus McGarvey is one of the most in-demand cinematographers working today.

In Conversation started as a project built on the ultimate respect we have for our friends and colleagues whose work and craft have had an effect on our shared interest in process and craft. We began thinking about our culture of ‘likes,’ where the proliferation and instantaneity of images dominate our lives. What does it take to create classic work, work that has meaning? What you will find here are the conversations with those who've developed a distinct perspective over time. In Conversation is on creativity, process, limitations, technology, photography, film, music, art and style. This is the first installment.

Created by Spencer Leigh & Steven Brahms
Edited by Elizabeth Ishii

Posted on June 8, 2015 and filed under interview, cinematography.