SONY FS5 Camera Blocking Issue

The old firmware - pre last Friday (Feb 26). You can click the image to get a better look at the blocking and colour banding effects. Below is the same shot but taken with the new 1.11 software released on Friday. 

The new software and the artefacts have disappeared.

When we review products we try to insist that they are shipping items and ready to be bought. The Sony FS5 was, we thought, in this category when we started to review it. Unfortunately the footage we recorded was all but unusable due to the issues above.

Above are two images of a wall, one taken with the old FS5 firmware (top) and one with Friday's release. The images have been graded to emphasise the blocking issue, but the same grade is applied to both images. The blocking and colour banding artefacts are clearly visible with the old firmware and have disappeared with the new firmware. There is some chroma noise that still causes some coloured compression artefacts in the new firmware image, but it is very minor in comparison to the previous issue.

Both images were taken at ISO 3200, Slog3, and are blow-ups of a section of the full frame.

Posted on February 29, 2016 and filed under 4k, adam garstone, cameras.