Rotolight Launch ANOVA PRO Light

Rotolight launched their ANOVA PRO at NAB 2016. Now 10% lighter, with a new Flash Sync Trigger input, redesigned electronics and 25% more LEDs makes ANOVA PRO up to 43% brighter than the V2 Anova, plus the ability to flash at up to 300% brightness. 

The Anova Pro includes four unique innovations: CineSFX ™, Flash Sync, True Aperture Dimming ™, and Designer Fade ™ which are set to revolutionize the industry. The Rotolight Anova Pro™ starts from just £999ex/ $1499 and is available now for immediate pre-order, shipping June 2016.

Anova Pro is a Bi-Colour LED system with LED Phosphor technology with a powerful output (up to 6545 Lux at 3 feet), using 94% less energy than a standard tungsten bulb.  You now have dual controls for tunable colour and brightness control, along with an accurate colour temperature display (CCT), DMX and V-Lock battery operation as standard. (Wifi operation will also be available using the optional ANOVA ‘AIR’ WiFi module, available Q4).

The four headline features of the new light are:

CINESFX – Provides an arsenal of customisable Lighting FX for TV/ production/ feature film applications on set or location (strobe, lightning, fire, cycle, throb, police, TV, spin, weld, spark, film, neon and gunshot ) . Includes wired remote trigger functionality and wireless control (WIFI models only), along with rolling shutter compensation. 

FLASH SYNC - Flash Sync and remote triggering allows Anova Pro to be integrated into a traditional photography workflow.

TRUE APERTURE DIMMING - calculates and displays the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance, which might lessen the need for metering. Alternatively, dynamically adjust your brightness level, to work at your desired aperture (F-Stop).

DESIGNER FADE - mode provides custom fade up / fade down interview/ production effects for DSLR videographers and creative cinematographers, reducing time required in post production. 

Posted on April 21, 2016 and filed under lights.