Stabilised Aerial Product Lands For Eurovision Night

Swedish company Intuitive Aerial's Newton head and Dominion controller have now found a place in traditional land locked live broadcasting. 

Remote truck company NEP Sweden used a new type of studio camera head at last week's Eurovision 2016. It was a gyro-stabilised camera head that allowed solo operation of gimbal, camera, lens and tracking.

That solo operator on the finals and semi final night was Daniel Hjalmarsson, "Until now I haven’t been able to operate both the head and the movement of the tracking rig by myself.” Intuitive Aerial programmed the controller so its joystick, in addition to being used for pan, tilt, and zoom, could be rotated to move the height adjustable tower up and down.

Hjalmarsson moved the rig left and right along the 10-metre horizontal tracks with foot-operated controls. 

“The whole setup feels more professional with the NEWTON head,” Hjalmarsson said. “I could make even the smallest move by myself, which is much easier and quicker than having to communicate with an assistant.

Daniel Hjalmarsson controlling the Newton head at Eurovision 2016

Posted on May 18, 2016 and filed under 4k, aerial, broadcast, drone.