Jar is open in Manchester

IMAGES of the work in Phase 1 of the fit-out. Above and below.

IMAGES of the work in Phase 1 of the fit-out. Above and below.

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The North of the England now has JAR - a new kind of video post-production company that opened its doors on Friday 7th December and takes its place alongside Media City and the relocation of Channel 4 in the new and burgeoning media landscape of the North of England.

JAR is a 5 star Post-Production House with first class edit and colour grading suites.

JAR provides boutique spaces for company work and client-hosting with a work space and lounge area to meet and collaborate with fellow media professionals.

JAR is a hot desking hub with high spec desktop stations for all creatives including graphic designers, animators and video editors.

JAR has a secure supersonic network infrastructure to compete with 21st century heavy workflows and high bandwidth demands.

Supported by two sister companies, IAMBOB and CABINQ, you also have access to a White Label operation from any starting point to full-scale production and a bank of high end post production specialists. There is also a JAR Academy on the way.

Contact: info@jarpost.com / 07584060808


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Posted on December 12, 2018 .